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Subluxation and Misalignment

Subluxation is the technical term used to describe a spinal misalignment. Like cavities, most people don't even know if they have one or not, until it has been there quite a while and starts to hurt. It has some or all of the following components:
1. Joint damage: (kinesiopathology)
Your structure is misaligned, You may not be able to your head, hips, or other body parts easily or as far as possible. You may have crackly, noisy joints.
2. Nerve damage: (neuropathology)
There is stress on your nerves. Chemicals and messages that flow over the nerves may be blocked. You may feel no pain, or there could be pain and other symptoms.
3. Muscle damage: (myopathology)
Your muscles are tight, in spasm, weak, overy sensitive, and/or sore. You posture is unbalanced, resulting in fatigue, pain, and increased joint wear and tear.
4. Tissue damage: (histopathology)
You have tender "trigger points" or painful spots. Ligaments, cartilage, discs, tendons, and internal organs may be negatively affected, resulting in arthritis or degeneration.
5. Overall body malfunction: (pathophysiology)
Eventually, long-standing subluxations cause your muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs to show signs of wear and tear, premature aging, fatigues, less resistance to disease, and lack of physical and mental vitality. Internal organ disease, spinal degeneration, and discherniation may occur after years of subluxation damage.

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I am taking chiropractic adjustments at Presnick Chiropractic and so far so good. I also take advice on nutrition. I am also planning to get started on the yoga classes. Overall I like their service. 5 star and highly recommended.

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